Choosing a partner, a long way to go

a long way to goWhen we choose a partner, inner values ​​have to prevail above all else. Life is long, but time passes too fast. For this trip in company, the best possible companion is essential, because like everything in life, sooner or later there will be a crisis and its revision stage. Therefore, if the inner part of the spouses is unconscious, the relationship deteriorates rapidly. It is very important to know yourself and who you are to know what inner values ​​are important in your partner.

We leave you 5 very important aspects when choosing a partner. Let’s go there!

Make memory of our relationships that did not work and for what reasons

We must avoid at all costs that the person we are meeting looks like our ex, since we have a tendency to always choose similar people or the same prototype, but if we already tried once and it did not work, what makes us think that a person with the same characteristics is going to do us good this time? We must identify and be very clear about what went wrong in our previous relationship and what characteristics our new special person must have or fulfill in order not to end up just as badly.

Have things in common

Opposites attract, okay, yes. But if you have absolutely nothing in common, what is going to attract you to each other? What will unite you? You must know very well the values, beliefs and experiences of each other and what goals you have in life to know if a future together is possible. Because in the end, that’s what looking for a partner is about, right? Someone with whom we want to build a life beyond four kisses. If, for example, you do not want to be a father or mother and for the person with whom you are starting a story it is the dream of their life, in the long run this situation will generate a conflict that will lead to the end of the relationship, or that one of the two give up their life plans, which can translate into rage, anger, frustration.

A good communication

Do you feel like you can talk about everything with each other? One of the most enriching experiences of having a partner is being able to count on her for everything, the good, the bad and anything, no matter how small, that crosses your mind and you need to verbalize. Being able to open up with the partner and share emotions, concerns and feelings through words is very important, and if this link does not exist, it is very possible that boredom and dissatisfaction will come quickly.

Laughing, sometimes, is the most serious thing

For a serious relationship, how important is laughter! As Sloth would say in his song “Princesses”: any excuse, a bullshit, is good to toast, let out all the air in a laugh and then breathe. And, sometimes, life is just that. Deciding to spend it with someone who makes us laugh and celebrate that we are laughing, that we are happy. That is why it is so important that you share a certain sense of humour and are able to have fun together.

Agree on the degree of exclusivity of the relationship

Open relationship? Exclusiveness? It is important to define from the beginning what your objectives are, which will be the basis on which the relationship will be based.

But … Even having “guidelines”, it is possible that the relationship does not work or that our choice has not been the right one. Today, we have to let go of the idea that a relationship is eternal. The “forever” of love stories do not always come true, since anything can happen, and as we said at the beginning, the way to go to finally be next to the most suitable person for us is not at all easy.

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